Cinema 4D & Arnold Character Concept Art with

In this tutorial, it covers the process behind the creation of a character concept from just an idea to final image render.

In this 8 hour session you will learn how to approach a character 3D model design and how to deal with situations and challenges that one project of this scale may hold.

View the video below for a breakdown of the complete process in this tutorial.

Please watch full and carefully to get clear this awesome 3d modeling character concept with using Cinema 4d and Arnold.

Here are some general topics covered in this tutorial :

  • Developing the idea, character role and features.
  • Introduction to the Cinema 4D Doodle tool.
  • Creating base forms and features of the character.
  • Going through a revision process on the current model.
  • Creating details on established features.
  • Working with materials in the scene.
  • Going through another revision and working on necessary changes.
  • Preparing the model for render.
  • Rendering final image in Arnold (PLEASE NOTE : this is not an in-depth Arnold tutorial.)

Specification :

Software Requirements : Cinema 4D R18 (recommended) and Arnold for Cinema 4D
Video Resolution : 1920x1080p
Format : Online Course
Assets : 21 project files, Arnold shaders, ReadMe.pdf, custom UI´s and Extras are available for download from the course page.

Final model, Arnold materials and final scene are included.

Difficulty Level : Intermediate to Advanced . Ff you are not familiar with 3D modeling basics, I recommend going through my free series Introduction to 3D Modeling first, before starting this one. Here we go bit more into advanced techniques and if you are not familiar with the the basics, you might feel lost.


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