Making Paper – Part 2

This isn’t post about how to make real paper animation, LOL .
This is post about making  CITY, THINGS, PEOPLE from paper.

Making Paper – Part 1

In part 2 of Making Paper, the tutorial about the creation of the 3D stop motion short “It’s Paper”, the scenes have been made available as seperate episodes – in full HD.

Part 2 takes off where the first one ended and becomes more advanced as we take an in depth look at setting up a motion graphics scene procedurally, and building a digital asset that can be re-used.

Following the recent success of the 3D short film “CGI Animated Short Film HD 11 Paper Place ” by Daniel Houghton, this premium quality Cinema4d* tutorial series in HD is now available for download on

In this first part of two planned releases you will be taken through the complete process of modeling, layout, animating, shading and rendering a looping paper city animation step by step.

This material is relevant for users on all levels, so whether you’re hobbyist or a professional you are gonna be able to create production quality paper animations for business and pleasure. With basic scene files included in an on-screen link you’ll be making paper in no time!


Cinema4d r14 and up. Scene files in r15 format. Mo-graph and Advanced Render modules required.

*** Project Include.



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